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It's Too Dangerous to Openly Protest Against Chad's President, So People Are Using Whistles

Whistling is one of the strategies activists use to protest safely, according to one protest organizer, who says that there isn't any way to protest the government or president "without being beaten or fired on by the police."


Niger Declares State of Emergency in Region Under Attack by Boko Haram

The 15-day state of emergency will allow authorities to increase security, impose a curfew, and restrict the movement of goods and people, according to an announcement on state television.


Chad’s Former Dictator Threw a Fit During His War Crimes Trial in Senegal

Former Chadian dictator Hissene Habre had to be carried into court and restrained by masked security guards at the re-start of his trial for crimes against humanity.


Boko Haram's Leader Apparently Comes Back From the Dead... Again

There were claims last week that Islamic State-affiliated militant group Boko Haram had a new leader, fuelling claims that Abubakar Shekau had died. He's now reportedly released a new audio message.


Chad’s President Says Boko Haram Has Been 'Decapitated' and Will Soon Be Defeated

The president claimed that Boko Haram has a new leader, and said the fight against the Nigerian militant group would be over "before the end of the year."


Central African Republic President Resigns Amid Sectarian Violence

The short-lived rule of rebel leader-turned-president Michel Djotodia.