We Weren't Ready for 'janet.'

Twenty-five years ago, Janet Jackson’s fifth studio album provided a legacy of sexual liberation, until the 2004 Super Bowl debacle proved it was all an illusion.
Kristin Corry
free play

Experience the Horror and Absurdity of Writing for Video Games

‘The Writer Will Do Something’ is required reading for anyone interested in how the sausage gets made.
Bruno Dias
free play

Live Through A Surreal Love Story in ‘uncomfortably’

‘uncomfortably’ is every weird first date.
Danielle Riendeau
free play

Witness the Ending of Alien Civilization in '500 Apocalypses'

"Our world," says entry 216, "is haunted by a billion stories." This game has 500, each about the death of an alien world.
Jack de Quidt

Vesp: A History of Sapphic Scaphism

Presenting Terraform's first original piece of interactive fiction, an atmospheric head-trip that must be played rather than read.
Porpentine Charity Heartscape

[Best of 2015] The Year in Light Art

The psychedelic and the mesmerizing affects of light as art.
DJ Pangburn

Watch a Light Art Installation Get Down in the Club

Paris-based design studio IF creates a geometric a/v artwork for Paris night club Machine du Moulin Rouge’s fifth anniversary celebration.
Sami Emory
the hidden language

The Hidden Language of Long Form Improvisers

We turned to the co-creator of the Upright Citizens Brigade to learn about yes-anding, premise improv, games, and status.
Nat Towsen

The Syrian Peace Talks Look Like a Tragic Farce

The "Geneva II" talks got off to a bad start, as participants immediately accused one another of being illegitimate and committing horrible crimes. And even if the two sides could come together, they'd have to figure out how to deal with the jihadist...
Jane Burgess

Syria's Revolutionaries Are Fighting Back Against Foreign Jihadists

It started with a Facebook post in February 2011. “Together for a Day of Rage in Syria to end the state of emergency in Syria and end corruption." One revolution, two bloody years, and 11 dark months later, came more Facebook posts—this time calling...
Jane Burgess
The No Photos Issue

If You Post Pictures of Your Naked Girlfriend...

Do you think making art is more like masturbating to web porn or having sex with a beautiful girl?
Thomas Morton