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The US Postal Service Wants to Hunt Down Dark Web Criminals

The US Postal Inspection Service is looking for people to conduct investigations on the dark web, as well as those who can gather defensive-focused intel too.
Joseph Cox

The Thin Line Between 'Bad Drugs' and Medicine

Medical anthropologist Danya Glabau is teaching a class in how the discourse around drugs has changed.
Peter Moskowitz

Why Do So Many Women Keep Dying At This Music Festival?

Four women have died at Britain's BoomTown Fair festival in five years. A drug policy reform advocate speaks out.
Sirin Kale
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Soldiers on a Nuclear Base Are in Trouble for Allegedly Doing Blow

Fourteen airmen at a nuclear missile base are under investigation for allegedly using illegal drugs, coke among them.
Helen Donahue

I Tried to Quit Smoking with Magic Mushrooms—and It Worked

A recent study concluded that giving up smoking with the help of psilocybin has an 80 percent success rate. Conveniently, "Stoptober" and mushroom-picking season perfectly intersect, so I thought I'd give it a go.
Charlie Gilmour, Photos: Heathcote Ruthven
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Is the NYPD Overstating the Dangers of 'Weaponized' Marijuana?

Bad batches of synthetic marijuana are being blamed for violent outbursts in some users, but at least one researcher says most who try it do not have violent reactions.
Colleen Curry
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Bad Pills Warning After a British Teen Dies at a Music Festival

Eighteen-year-old Christian Pay died at Kendal Calling after taking a pill.
Amber Roberts

The Canadian City Fighting Back Against Its Deadly Fentanyl Problem

A disturbing number of people in Sarnia, Ontario, are abusing a powerful painkiller that is 100 times stronger than morphine or 40 times stronger than heroin
Colin Graf

The Death Stats That the British Government Is Using to Ban Legal Highs Are Total Bullshit

The government wants to blanket-ban legal highs after an influential Christian think tank pushed shonky stats about their death toll.
Joshi Herrmann

Why Africa Might Be 'The Market of the Future' For Illegal Drugs

West Africa's new role as a transit hub for drugs headed to Europe means illegal narcotics are more readily available on the continent, a top UN official says.
Melodie Bouchaud

How Do Illegal Drugs Affect Women’s Fertility?

We looked into which drugs will compromise your chances of conceiving, which drugs will screw up your pregnancy, and which ones are, all things considered, relatively safe.
Arielle Pardes

We Asked Three Doctors How Illegal Drugs Affect Your Sperm

The older you get, the less wise it is to habitually use cocaine, meth, weed, acid, or heroin—especially if you're planning on having a child in the near future. We got an expert panel to explain just what drugs will do to your "little swimmers."
Dave Schilling