illegal fishing

Sea Crime

Satellites Are Zeroing in on Poachers and Traffickers in the ‘Outlaw Ocean’

Some vessels use ocean rendezvous to exchange contraband, and even captive crew. But big data tools are finding new ways to track these activities from outer space.
Becky Ferreira
illegal fishing

Why Do Fishing Vessels ‘Go Dark’ In Certain Regions of the Ocean?

A new report by the nonprofit Oceana spotlights weird cases of fishing vessels switching off their public trackers.
Becky Ferreira

The Marine Biologist Using Big Data to Protect Ocean Wildlife

Douglas McCauley works with tools like Global Fishing Watch to engage the public in the future of the oceans.
Becky Ferreira

Will 2017 Be the Year We Lose the World’s Smallest Porpoise?

Only 60 of these endangered porpoises remain, and scientists are making last-ditch efforts to save the imperiled species.
Sarah Emerson

Indonesia Is Fighting Illegal Fishing By Blowing Up Boats

That's one way to stop poachers.
Robert Beckhusen

The World's Most Endangered Marine Mammal Might Have Just Got a Lifeline

New agreements show increased attention to the plight of the vaquita, but environmental organisations warn that the effort needs to be international.
Victoria Turk
Hell or Salt Water

​The Race to Save the Vaquita, the World’s Most Endangered Marine Mammal

There are fewer than 100 vaquitas left, and it's all due to the illegal poaching of a fish that lives in the same waters.
Victoria Turk

It's 'World of Warcraft,' But for Illegal Fishing

You know, like a raid.
Emanuel Maiberg