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A migration crisis is overpowering this tiny French island

“We’re afraid of the kids who have nothing to do and can’t work … They will steal your handbags just to be able to survive.”
Juliette Maigné
Julia Lindau
Sanctuary cities

The Texas “sanctuary cities” ban just got put on hold

Carter Sherman
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The 300,000 undocumented American children who live in the shadows in Mexico

American-born children deported to Mexico are having trouble getting healthcare without birth certificates
Roberto Ferdman

DC Restaurants Are About to Experience What a Day Without Immigrants Feels Like

The strikes call on Latinos and immigrants to stay home from work in protest of President Trump’s increasingly polarizing stance on immigrants.
Alex Swerdloff
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Here's what Donald Trump's border wall and deportations would really cost

Emma Fidel
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Donald Trump Revealed How He'll Force Mexico to Pay for the Wall, and It's Pretty Nuts

Mexico is still going to pay for it, and it'll only take a few days to convince the country, apparently.
Helen Donahue

How Donald Trump's Presidency Could Seriously Threaten Our Food Supply

Illegal immigrants fill a large portion of the country’s farm labor supply—at least 50 to 70 percent. And Trump wants to deport them all.
Wyatt Marshall

Why Undocumented Immigrants Stay in Abusive Relationships

For many women living in the US illegally, fear of the police is greater than the fear of their abusive partners.
Meredith Hoffman

There's a New US Policy on 'Sanctuary Cities' That Makes It Easier for ICE to Deport People

The Obama administration has vowed to pass undocumented immigrants convicted of federal crimes directly to ICE after they are released from prison.
Meredith Hoffman
The 2016 US Election

Why Wages May Matter More Than Immigration For Iowa's Latino Voters

Martin O'Malley has taken a strong stance on immigration reform, but Bernie Sanders is wooing some immigrant voters with his plan for the economy.
Liz Fields

Police in Toronto Are Accused of Doing the 'Dirty Work' of Immigration Officials

A new report says Toronto police made 3,278 calls to the Canada Border Services Agency between November 2014 and June 2015. That's more than police in Quebec City, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver combined.
Tamara Khandaker
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Donald Trump Is Still a Rambling Weirdo

A lot has happened to Donald Trump since the first Republican debate in early August, but he's still the same guy.
John Surico