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Internal Email Shows GitHub Plans to Renew ICE Contract

Even though GitHub leadership and others oppose ICE’s child separation policy, an internal email suggests GitHub won’t stop ICE from renewing a contract with the tech company.


Former ICE Director Freaks Out at Congressional Hearing: “I'm a Taxpayer — You Work for Me!”

He spent most of his allotted time shouting at Democratic Congress members, and then erupted when he was told his time was up.


Life After an ICE Raid

For years, immigrants had been showing up in Morton to work at the chicken plants. Then ICE showed up.


Company That Provides Tech to ICE Not Renewing Contract After Code-Deletion Protest

Last week, a former employee deleted open-source code he wrote for a tool called Chef in protest over an ICE contract. Now, Chef says it will not renew its work with ICE.


Palantir’s CEO Is Fine With the Horrible Things His Company Does

Alex Karp is convinced of his progressive values, even as Palantir wages war on them.


ICE Just Renewed Its Contract With Palantir

Despite organized protests around the country, Immigration and Customs Enforcement just renewed its contract with Peter Thiel’s data aggregation and surveillance company.


We Got Cameras Inside One of the Biggest ICE Detention Centers. This Is What We Saw.

Inmates are given color-coded uniforms to denote their threat level: blue for no criminal history, orange means arrested in the U.S., and red means "serious."


U.S. Citizen Held by Border Patrol Says He Lost 26 Pounds and Couldn't Shower for 23 Days

“It got to the point where I was ready to sign a deportation paper just not to be suffering there anymore."


4,000 Migrant Kids Might Have to Spend the Rest of Their Childhood in Federal Custody

The number of "Category 4" kids with no identifiable sponsor in the U.S. is unprecedented — and “alarming.”


Why Protesters Want Palantir to #disarmICE

For many, Palantir has been the backbone of ICE’s operations for too long.


A Honduran Man Just Died in Immigration Custody. He's the 11th Since September.

He'd been held in a Houston detention center operated by CoreCivic, a private prison company