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Immigration Detainees in California Were Given Rancid Meat While in Custody

Department of Homeland Security inspections have revealed that two Orange County facilities served rotten cold cuts to those detained for their immigration status.
Alex Swerdloff

How a Clinton-Era Law Is Still Criminalizing Immigrants Today

Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibly Act reinforced the idea that there are "good" immigrants and "bad" immigrants, and the bad ones should be deported straight away.
Aviva Stahl
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We Asked an Expert What Will Happen to Obama’s Immigration Plans Now

Does the Supreme Court's 4-4 split on the president's executive actions on deportations mean those measures are definitely dead?
Ted Hesson
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Donald Trump Revealed How He'll Force Mexico to Pay for the Wall, and It's Pretty Nuts

Mexico is still going to pay for it, and it'll only take a few days to convince the country, apparently.
Helen Donahue
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Whatever Happened to Arizona's Minutemen?

The homegrown border militia had thousands of members in the mid-2000s. Today, the group has splintered into several rival factions, many of which still regularly patrol the border.
Meredith Hoffman
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What Donald Trump Can Learn from Alabama’s Failed Anti-Immigration Law

The state's experiment in "self-deportation" reveals what might happen if the US sent 11 million undocumented workers home.
Meredith Hoffman
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Will the Supreme Court Finally Kill Obama's Immigration Reforms?

The justices will once again determine the fate of the president's domestic policy legacy.
Brian McManus
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We Asked Latino Republicans What They Really Want from GOP Candidates in 2016

In the GOP's alternate universe of mass deportations and anchor babies and IRS agents patrolling the border, what does it mean to be a conservative who supports immigration reform?
Meredith Hoffman

The House of Representatives Is Trying to Block Syrian Refugees with Red Tape

Lawmakers—including nearly 50 Democrats—easily passed a bill that would effectively stall Obama's plans to accept 10,000 new refugees from the war-torn country.
Mike Pearl

In a Bad Week for Australian Border Force, a Refugee Threatens Self-Immolation and Disappears

Last week a rape victim was returned to the Nauru detention center without an abortion. This week a 30-year-old refugee has probably set himself on fire.
Royce Kurmelovs

Nauru Will Soon Let Detained Refugees Walk Around the Island, But So What?

As one human rights lawyer put it, "letting people go for a walk does not resolve the fundamental problems caused by indefinitely warehousing them on a tiny remote island."
Samuel Tate

Why White Supremacists Love Donald Trump

Along with a broad swath of Republican voters—plus Dennis Rodman—America's racists are getting on board the Trump bandwagon.
Peter Rugh