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Young Immigrants Are Rushing to Renew Paperwork Before Trump Kicks Them Out

With just days left before the deadline to apply for another two years of protection from deportation, organizers and advocates went into overdrive.
Jaime Fuller
Donald Trump

Trump Doubles Down on Xenophobic Promises, Plans to Unveil New Muslim Ban

The day after DHS released documents detailing the Trump administration's aggressive plan to mass-deport undocumented immigrants, the president is poised to unveil a new iteration of the failed Muslim ban—one with "the same basic policy outcome" as the...
Amanda Arnold

LGBTQ Immigrants Come to America for Refuge and End Up in Detention Centers

The United States offers a safe haven for LGBTQ asylum seekers, but when they first arrive, many end up facing abuse in immigrant detention centers.
Meredith Hoffman

How a Clinton-Era Law Is Still Criminalizing Immigrants Today

Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibly Act reinforced the idea that there are "good" immigrants and "bad" immigrants, and the bad ones should be deported straight away.
Aviva Stahl

You Should Be Able to Immigrate to America If You Have a Really Good Idea for a Startup

A new policy could give immigrants leeway to stay in America if they're working on a successful startup company.
Ted Hesson
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Can We Stop Pretending Donald Trump's Speeches Are Interesting?

A much-hyped speech on immigration was just a rehash of the same build-the-wall-and-deport-them-all rhetoric he's been spouting all year.
Harry Cheadle
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

The Far Right Is Pissed that Donald Trump Wants to Be Nicer to Immigrants

That taco salad was just the beginning.
Mike Pearl

Child Migrants Will Be Released from Family Detention Centers, But What About Their Parents?

Last week, a federal appeals court ordered the release of children from immigration detention centers, but that mandate does not apply to their parents.
Meredith Hoffman
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Everything You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton's Immigration Plans

Where she stands on Donald Trump's biggest issue.
Meredith Hoffman
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We Asked an Expert What Will Happen to Obama’s Immigration Plans Now

Does the Supreme Court's 4-4 split on the president's executive actions on deportations mean those measures are definitely dead?
Ted Hesson
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked Immigration Experts How Trump's Muslim Ban Would Actually Work

The consensus: It probably wouldn't.
Mike Pearl

Why So Many Asylum Seekers Come to America and Wind Up Homeless

It can take years for the government to process asylum cases, throwing asylum seekers into legal limbo and leaving many without options for permanent housing.
Ted Hesson