Impact Climate

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Contrails Are Air Travel's Dirty Secret

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Climate gentrification is creeping into southern Florida's underserved communities, but a group of female activists is fighting back.


LA Wants to Switch to Electric Buses to Make You Healthier

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International City Officials Met to Preempt Climate Change Destruction

At the 100 Resilient Cities Urban Resilience Summit, city leaders from around the world met to figure out the best way to thrive in the age of climate change.


Gutting Health Care Also Hurts US Environmental Protections Too

The Senate GOP failed to repeal and replace Obamacare, which also fundamentally protects against threats to our clean air and clean water, as well as our health.


New App Aims to Save the Rainforest Without Leaving Local Farmers Behind

The new tech empowers local farmers to take care of their communities and save the rainforest byproducts you use on a daily basis.


A Los Angeles Teen is Fighting to Get City Buses to Run on Clean Energy

"Making this switch would be a big deal for our climate, but arguably an even bigger deal for communities like mine."


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