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This New Jobs Platform Matches Ex-Offenders With Employers

Anywhere between 60 and 75 percent of ex-offenders are still unemployed a year after their release, so this new technology wants to bring those numbers down.
Kimberly Lawson
Livable Planet

Young People of Color Are Leading America’s Climate Justice Movement

Youths from diverse backgrounds gathered at New York's Climate Justice Youth Summit to focus on enacting local policies that combat climate change and protect communities of color threatened by its effects.
Kastalia Medrano
Last Chance High

VICE Impact August: Chicago's At-Risk Youth and the Future of Higher Ed

This month we'll be launching a campaign helping vulnerable kids in Chicago, exploring the feasibility of higher education, and diving into the politics of health care reform.
Nick Chedli Carter
Rise Up

This Non-Profit Is Changing the Stigma About New York's Homeless Population

The Coalition for the Homeless provides direct services to benefit the daily lives of New York's homeless population.
Cayte Bosler
Rise Up

As America's Dissent Grows, Anti-Protest Laws Are Flourishing

The last year in the US has seen protests a plenty and renewed civic engagement - but some policy makers are actively working to shut that all down.
Katelyn Harrop

The Hijab-Wearing Superhero That's Using Her Superpowers to Fight Misogyny

With her comic strip "Qahera," illustrator Deena Mohamed wrestles with whether art actually is successful at breaking down stereotypes or not.
Alice Rowsome

The Fight for Equal Media Representation Puts Power in Hands of the Fans

Though diversity is increasing on movie screens, representations of women of color still lag behind.
Eden Stuart
Last Chance High

These Powerful Movies Expose America's Broken Criminal Justice System

Some essential on-screen examples that show, rather than just tell, audiences what isn't working.
Nia Decaille

This Self-Taught Syrian Artist's Work Represents Non-Violent Resistance

The Arab Spring enabled Sulafa Hijazi to speak out against the military-regime using art.
Alice Rowsome

Italy’s First Black Legislator is Fighting Racism With New Immigration Laws

Cécile Kyengé is up against vile personal attacks, but says it's worth it in effort to protect Italy's most vulnerable.
Alexis Chemblette
Impact Equality

American Musical Ambassadors Offset the Negative Trump Brand Abroad

From Papua New Guinea to Ghana, from Croatia to Vietnam -- cultural ambassadors are sent by the US State Department to facilitate cultural exchange through music and other art forms.
Emily Weitz
Impact Equality

The First Step to Protect Title IX from Betsy DeVos is Knowing Your Rights

It's looking like the beginning of a tough road for survivors of sexual assault on college campuses.
Katelyn Harrop