Impact Guide To The Summer


Summer Vacation Really Sucks for Poor Kids and Their Parents

Americans in lower income brackets sweat the summer months in more ways than one.


A Photographic Trip of Glitz, Glitter and Guts at NYC Pride

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Climate Change Will Slowly Submerge These 5 Coastal Vacation Spots

Before places like Maldives, the Bahamas, or Miami Beach are all underwater there's something you can do to keep lounging on their beaches.


You Don't Have to Waste Water to Have a Totally Badass Summer Garden

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7 LGBTQ-Friendly Vacation Spots to Kick Back in This Summer

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Beneath California's Waters, Marine Life Flourishes on Old Oil Rigs

Two So-Cal scientists/divers are going deep to protect fragile underwater ecosystems with Rigs-to-Reefs.


Summer Activism Made Simple For Bad Kids Who Want To Do Good

Two months of free time with no idea what to do? Help save the world.


Hack Your Summer Road Trip in an Electric Vehicle

It's more convenient and economical to drive green when you're hitting the open road this summer.


5 Tips for Not Wasting Water This Summer

Wasting water in 2017 is stupid. Here are some easy but meaningful ways to reduce your water footprint and still manage to beat the heat.