Comedians Tell Us the Most Epic Fails They've Seen at Open Mics

"Then she spread her legs and pulled her underwear to the side, showing everyone her vulva. To be honest, that was the best joke of the night."
Graham Isador

How Trans Improv Performers Are Making Punchlines Less Cis

As the problematic nature of some improv scenes is emphasized, two trans improv performers are teaching fellow players that gender isn't the butt of a joke.
Alice Sanders

​How to Make Friends When You’re Young and Broke

It may seem like a herculean task now, but meeting new people only gets harder the older you get.
Justin Caffier

H. Jon Benjamin Voices His Thoughts on Funny Voices in 2015

The voice behind the titular characters on <i>Archer</i> and <i>Bob's Burgers</i> talked to VICE about some of his favorite stuff from 2015, as well as what he thinks the funniest thing he did this year was.
Zach Sokol

A Look Inside Brooklyn’s First All-Day Alt-Comedy Fest

Speed dating, free pizza, and something called a Fantasy Grandma all made appearances at alternative comedy queen Jo Firestone's Firestone Fest.
Lorelei Ramirez

'Three Busy Debras' Is a Play About Psychopaths with an Interest in Incest and Brunch

The irreverent, possibly genius show features necrophilia, the Holocaust, 9/11, Kony 2012, kidnapping, pedophilia, suicide, mariticide, masturbation, infidelity committed with ghosts, and all things Debra.
Jenna Marotta

How Improv Made Its Way into Corporate America

While it's hard to imagine a buttoned-up CEO playing classic improv games, improvisational workshops are becoming fashionable in corporate America.
Jacob Harper

We Spoke to the Stars of 'Broad City' About the Writers' Room and Working with Amy Poehler

"We literally crack up writing it."
Hanna Hanra
the hidden language

The Hidden Language of Long Form Improvisers

We turned to the co-creator of the Upright Citizens Brigade to learn about yes-anding, premise improv, games, and status.
Nat Towsen

Philadelphia Is the Scariest Place to Do Comedy

As a stand-up, as a storyteller, as an improviser, I’ve done thousands of shows. After I tell people I do hundreds of shows a year, they often ask, “What’s the worst show you’ve ever done?” And I always tell them, “It’s debatable, but I guarantee you...
Chris Gethard

I'm a Dummy from New Jersey

But it was clear she had other ideas—and rightfully so. We’d been making out and groping for weeks, and it was natural to think that things would progress. She didn’t know I was a terrified little boy who still lived in the suburbs. Lisa was going for...
Chris Gethard