The Weakest Link

With $20 of Gear from Amazon, Nearly Anyone Can Make This IMSI-Catcher in 30 Minutes

Surveillance takes on different character when it trickles down to more ordinary, everyday users. The significance and threat from IMSI-catchers is multiplied when a lot more people can deploy one using cheap tech from Amazon and free code from Github.
Joseph Cox
Internet Insecurity

There’s ‘No Excuse’ for the T-Mobile Bug That Helped Hackers Steal Accounts

Bugs happen to everyone, but the company failed to monitor for simple signs of abuse.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Internet Insecurity

T-Mobile Website Allowed Hackers to Access Your Account Data With Just Your Phone Number

The bug exposed customers’ email addresses, their billing account numbers, and the phone’s IMSI numbers. T-Mobile has patched the bug.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
State of Surveillance

The RCMP Has Been Using Surveillance Gear Under an 'Interim' Policy for 6 Years

A new report sheds more light on the use of Stingrays in Canada.
Jordan Pearson

Virginia State Police Used Cell Tower-Spoofing Device to Track Suspects

Records obtained through FOIA reveal the device, nicknamed a "DRTbox", was used to track suspects at least 12 times, but failed to locate them in five.
Curtis Waltman

Local Police In Canada Used ‘Stingray' Surveillance Device Without a Warrant

This is bigger than we thought.
Jordan Pearson

This Next-Gen Stingray Uses Facebook and WhatsApp Messages to Track Users

Researchers will demo a Stingray capable of attacking over LTE networks in Helsinki.
Joseph Cox

What Your Phone Knows But Isn't Telling You

Researchers say your phone should inform you when a stealthy surveillance device is nearby.
Brady Dale

How the Justice Department Keeps Its Cell Phone Snooping a Secret

The full details of how police departments in the US are using military-grade surveillance technology—often without warrants—are being blocked from release by an aggressive effort from the federal government and the corporation that sells the devices.
CJ Ciaramella