IMSI catchers


Hacker Camp Makes DIY Phones, Is Bombarded by DIY IMSI Catcher

At this year's Electromagnetic Field hacking and culture festival, attendees' badges were fully functioning phones. But hackers gonna hack.


Why It’s So Hard to Say Who Is Using an IMSI Catcher

Israel, China, Russia? Who was using a surveillance device on Parliament Hill in Ottawa?


This Company Has Sold £1 Million Worth of Cellphone-Spying Devices to UK Police

Cellxion has established itself as a leader in the UK IMSI catcher trade.


Police in Indianapolis Have Had Stingray Cell Site Simulators Since 2012

Previously unreported, the IMPD has had a StingRay since 2012, ascertained from their Non Disclosure Agreement with the FBI.


Virginia State Police Used Cell Tower-Spoofing Device to Track Suspects

Records obtained through FOIA reveal the device, nicknamed a "DRTbox", was used to track suspects at least 12 times, but failed to locate them in five.


UK Cops Are Trying to Remove Spy Gear Records from the Web

One document has redacted the section on IMSI catchers, which are used to track mobile phones, and the Metropolitan Police has removed a file on public expenditure all together.


NYPD Says Talking About Its IMSI Catchers Would Make Them Vulnerable to Hacking

The police department refuses to say which models it uses in an FOI tussle with the NYCLU.


Here Is the Contract for the UK's First Confirmed IMSI Catcher

A Scottish prison used the device to catch inmates using mobile phones.


British Companies Are Selling Advanced Spy Tech to Authoritarian Regimes

Over a dozen UK companies have been granted licenses to export telecommunications interception technology such as IMSI-catchers since early 2015.


Canadian Police Don’t Want to Talk About How They Spend Surveillance Dollars

Police in Ontario’s biggest cities have received hundreds of thousands of dollars for surveillance equipment. We can’t tell you how they spent it.


Privacy Activists Launch Database to Track Global Sales of Surveillance Tech

Privacy International's 'Surveillance Industry Index' keeps tabs on big brother.