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Impact Work

Ontario's Basic Income Pilot Project is a Radical Approach

A new basic income model in Canada seeks to target poverty. The U.S. should take notice.
Katelyn Harrop
Fast Food

No, Fast Food Isn't Just for 'Poor' People

A new study questions this pervasive stereotype about how often different socioeconomic classes hit the drive-thru window.
Alex Swerdloff
Impact Water

Water Rights are Civil Rights and Civil Rights are Human Rights

The lack of accountability for privatized water companies leaves room for significant environmental damage.
Molly Bangs

This British Columbia Tent City Is About to Get a Flushing Toilet as Calls to Shut it Down Grow

Seven months in, the camp on the grounds of a Victoria courthouse was once seen as a symbol of British Columbia's growing housing crisis and wealth divide. Now it has fewer supporters than ever.
Sarah Berman

Why San Franciscans Are So Angry at the Super Bowl

Activists say that San Francisco should focus less on the big NFL game and more on income inequality, rising rents, and horrific police violence.
Peter Moskowitz

Why Canadian Politicians Need to Start Capitalizing on Class Warfare

Canada's opposition parties need to get their shit together sooner.
Justin Ling

Principals at Poor Schools Grossly Underestimate the Demand for Computer Science

Google commissioned Gallup to find out what parents, students, and school officials thought about computer science education.
Alix Jean-Pharuns
on the line

On The Line: Charlie LeDuff Discusses Inequality in America

VICE News contributor Charlie LeDuff joined us last week to discuss inequality in America. 'On The Line' did its best to keep up.
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Will 2015 Be the Year People Actually Do Something About Income Inequality?

All across the planet, the rich keep getting richer, and nearly everyone agrees that this is a problem.
Grace Wyler

The Rich Keep Getting Richer: 80 Billionaires Now Control Most of the World's Wealth

A report by Oxfam International says the gap in wealth between the world's richest tycoons and the rest of the global population is staggering.
Colleen Curry