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Congress is trying to block the release of 20 Gitmo inmates by refusing to pay for it

US lawmakers are once again trying to use the annual defense spending bill to block the transfer of Guantanamo Bay detainees who have been cleared for release.
Jason Leopold

The Defense Bill That Obama Just Signed Will Make It Harder to Shut Guantanamo

The US president noted that operating Guantanamo is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars and is inconsistent "with our interests as a nation and undermines our standing in the world."
Jason Leopold
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The Paris Attacks Will Really Complicate Obama's Plan to Close Guantanamo

Likening lawmakers' fierce opposition to closing Guantanamo to calls against resettling Syrian refugees in the US, Obama emphasized on Thursday that the prison "has been an enormous recruitment tool" for terrorists like the Islamic State.
Jason Leopold
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The Pentagon Just Transferred Five Yemeni Guantanamo Detainees to UAE

Held for nearly 14 years, the detainees were transferred to the UAE Friday night, after the terrorist attacks in Paris.
Jason Leopold

A Damning Report and Angry Protests Highlight the UK's Most Infamous Immigration Center

VICE News attended a recent protest at the Yarl's Wood center, which contains hundreds of detainees and has been subjected to allegations of abuse — both physical and sexual.
Sally Hayden
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More Former Gitmo Detainees 'Return to the Fight,' and More Are Killed By the US

A biannual report has found that nine former detainees, all of whom were released during the Bush administration, have 're-engaged' since July.
Jason Leopold
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US Senator: 'Guantanamo Detainees Can Rot in Hell'

Senators squared off with Obama administration officials today during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the future of the detention facility.
Jason Leopold
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Yemen’s Proposed Rehabilitation Center Isn’t Making Much Progress

Although President Obama has made assurances that Yemen is the model for counterterrorism success, an initiative to build a rehabilitation center to house repatriated Guantánamo detainees from that country is showing little progress.
John Knefel
behind the bars: guantanamo bay

Why Are Prisoners Who Have Been Cleared for Release Still in ​Guantánamo?

In order for a prisoner to be cleared every single US government agency with a stake in national security affairs has to sign off on his release.
Ramzi Kassem

The First Detainee Since the Bowe Bergdahl Swap Just Left Guantanamo

Fawzi al-Odah, who the US government says traveled to Afghanistan to join extremists shortly after 9/11, will enter a rehabilitation center.
Jason Leopold
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White House Denies Report That Obama Plans to Close Guantanamo and Transfer Detainees to US

A White House national security spokeswoman said she knows of no plans to override congressional opposition to moving detainees to US soil.
Jason Leopold
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New Gitmo Commander: 'Majority of Detainees Have… a Relative Degree of Freedom'

VICE News traveled to Guantanamo Bay to speak to the new commander of the base. His plans seem to indicate its detention facility won't be closing anytime soon.
Jason Leopold