Watch This Spider Nesting in a Man's Ear

It is only the latest in a long line of arachnid ear explorers.
Becky Ferreira
5 days ago

The ‘Yeti’ Footprints Found by the Indian Army Are Probably Just a Bear's

“Any reasonable person can see these are melted prints.”
Sarah Emerson
moon landings

Israel’s Lunar Lander Has Crashed on the Moon

The Beresheet lander would have been the first private lander on the Moon and the first lunar soft-landing by Israel. Instead, engine failures caused it to crash.
Becky Ferreira

How India’s First Female Surfer Is Transforming a Little Village into a Paradise

From teaching the locals how to swim to holding skateboarding workshops for the village school, we spoke to Forbes Asia 30 under 30 honoree, Ishita Malaviya.
Shamani Joshi

WhatsApp Launches a Tip Line for Misinformation in India Ahead of Elections

WhatsApp has been struggling to address misinformation and rumors on its app without compromising security. “Checkpoint Tipline” gives users in India an opt-in option to submit rumors for fact-checking.
Caroline Haskins
personal essay

My Indian Mother's Refusal to Cook Taught Me Everything About Womanhood and Food

There is plenty to tell about my mother, but no recipes bound and weighted by rituals, no tales of a mother figure carrying the weight of my family’s life at the table.
Sharanya Deepak

Bollywood’s First Lesbian Rom-Com Is Bringing Queer Love to Indian Cinema

The mother of a gay child, Shelly Chopra Dhar, and Gazal Dhaliwal, a trans woman, co-wrote the script for a groundbreaking new movie in India in the hopes of getting through to parents of LGBTQ children.
Alyssa Klein
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Opium-Addicted Parrots Keep Raiding Poppy Farms in India

Poppy farmers are being forced to guard their crops against the drug-addled birds, who get high off the narcotic effects of the plant.
Gavin Butler

Rayka Zehtabchi Is the First Iranian-American Woman to Win an Oscar

“I can’t believe a film about menstruation just won an Oscar."
Terry Nguyen

How the Drug War Eats the Poor

According to a new report by the NGO Health Poverty Action, prohibition drives poverty and criminality in places like Brazil and India.
JS Rafaelli

Kid Scientists Capture Rare Footage of Endangered Animals on Camera Traps

A unique project turned students at schools around the world into citizen scientists.
Sarah Emerson

Ten Things You Always Wanted to Ask a Hand Model

"People don't realize it, but it's a lot of work. You have to keep your hands stiff and hold them in one place for hours."
Parthshri Arora