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Tim Hortons Is Trying to Save India from Tim Hortons Knockoff

After the year Tim Hortons has had, maybe it’s time to give the reins to Tim Hottens.
Mack Lamoureux

Passengers Bled from Their Ears After Pilots 'Forgot' to Pressurize Plane

They had one job...
Drew Schwartz

The Mom-and-Pop Metal Business of the Kashmir Valley

Photographer Will Warasila profiles a family-owned company in India that sells small steel and iron parts to local merchants and builders.
Will Warasila
climate change

The Glaciers on Earth's 'Third Pole' Are Bursting, Causing Deadly Floods

Climate change is creating yet another dangerous new phenomenon.
August Rick
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Choosing Between Tinder and Arranged Marriage in India

Writer Mithila Phadke told us what it was like to be pulled between family tradition and modern dating.
VICE Staff
daily vice

Inside the Growing Men's Rights Movement in India

We met up with the activists and founder of SIFF, a leading men's rights organization taking cues from America's men's rights activists.
VICE Staff

Former Porn Star Sunny Leone's Biopic Has Pissed Off Some Sikh Leaders

Protest has been threatened if “Kaur” is not removed from the title.
Allison Tierney

Powerful Photographs Challenging Gender Roles in an Indian Martial Arts School

Photographer Nadja Wohlleben's new series 'A Sword & A Sari' explores self-defense and female empowerment in the Republic of India
Nadja Wohlleben
Privacy and Perception Issue

Images Exploring What It's Like to Be Part of India's Queer Community

Photographer Jake Naughton and Art Director Aarti Singh of Suno Labs depict more complex narratives about India
Jake Naughton
Aarti Singh
Privacy and Perception Issue

As My Family Tried to Arrange My Marriage, I Was Secretly Swiping on Tinder

My parents, unaware that I already had a dating profile of my own, signed me up for an online matchmaking service—similar, in a sense, to Tinder, but with far different expectations.
Mithila Phadke

Terrible Tales of a Lizard-Smoking, Blood-Drinking Satanic Cult

In a town with a reputation for religiousness, a group of Satan worshippers are among the faithful.
Zeyad Masroor Khan

Photos of Indian Stunt Drivers Braving the 'Well of Death'

No helmets, no roll cage, and 60 miles per hour.
Andrea Au