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This Duck Korma Might Be the Best Thing We've Ever Eaten

Sujan Sarkar of NYC's Baar Baar makes an impossibly creamy korma that's out of all of our leagues.
Danielle Wayda
Dirty Work

A Delicious, Delicate Red Snapper Curry Is Just 45 Minutes Away

Chef Cheetie Kumar cuts no corners when building up all that good curry flavor, but still gets it done fast.
Danielle Wayda

Meet the Godfather of Indian Pizza

“A lot of people ask me: ‘Do they have pizza like this in India?’” Tony grins. “No! That was only born here. That happens only here.”
Jackson Scarlett
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This Washing Machine Has a Special Setting for Curry Stains

Push the "curry" button on Panasonic's new machine and those madras marks will disappear.
Phoebe Hurst

Quickies: This Totally Lit Indian Street Snack Requires Just Eggs and Flour

Indian fast food made fresh, but inside your own kitchen. Here's how to pull it off in under 20 minutes.
Daisy Meager

Celebrating Diwali in London’s Indian Food Paradise

Where better to mark the festival of lights than Southall, which boasts the largest Asian population in London?
Nell Frizzell

How India Fell Back in Love with Ghee

The clarified butter had fallen out of favor with Indian chefs, thanks to a recent culinary trend for imported olive oil. But with new studies revealing ghee’s health benefits, the creamy staple is back on Indian menus. “It gives a lot of power to the...
Rebecca Hobson

Is Manchester’s Famous 'Curry Mile' Turning into a 'Shisha Cafe Mile'?

The Curry Mile has been Manchester’s South Asian dining destination since the 1960s. Now, more than 30 shisha cafes occupy this stretch of Wilmslow Road, almost outnumbering the curry houses, Indian sweet shops, and restaurants.
Andrew Anderson
indian cuisine

This Legendary Curry House Owner Orders Fries in Indian Restaurants

“I’m embarrassed to say, but if I go to an Indian restaurant, I’d order chips,” says Wasim Tayyab, one of the three brothers behind Tayyabs, the London eatery lauded for its home-style Punjabi-Pakistani cooking.
Simran Hans
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The Car Park of This Hindu Temple Serves Some of London’s Best Vegetarian Food

In the grounds of BAPS Shri Swaminarayan mandir in Neasden sits Shayona, a restaurant whose entirely vegetarian menu adheres to the Hindu practice of Sattvic eating—a diet of unprosessed, restoritative foods.
Laura Martin

A Territorial Goan Chef Introduced Me to Real Vindaloo

Patrick D’souza, owner of Bhatti Village Restaurant in Goa, is so protective of his vindaloo that he doesn't even have a menu. “We have many awards and if [other restaurants] see the menu, they will start doing it,” he says.
Rebecca Hobson

Why Curry from This Caribbean Takeaway Might Taste Indian

“Some people come in and are surprised to see Indian food on the menu,” says David Parey, owner of London Trinidadian eatery Roti Joupa. “They think Caribbean food is just rice and peas.”
Tom Jones