Indian Food


Classic Samosa Recipe

These guys are fried twice—once at a low temp, and then finished at a higher one—to ensure the perfect crispy consistency.


My Indian Mother's Refusal to Cook Taught Me Everything About Womanhood and Food

There is plenty to tell about my mother, but no recipes bound and weighted by rituals, no tales of a mother figure carrying the weight of my family’s life at the table.


Easy Fish Curry Recipe

A flavorful curry is pretty much the perfect meal, always.


San Francisco's Besharam Serves Up Desi Nostalgia for Immigrant Kids

Chef Heena Patel masterfully created a space where young people of color can find community, rebellion, and the food that tastes like home.


Watch Matty Matheson Make Super Simple Butter Chicken

Chicken so tender it tastes like "little fluffy pillows."


Simple Butter Chicken Recipe

Matty Matheson shares his fool-proof, simple, and perfect recipe for butter chicken.


This 24-Year-Old Started Her Own Turmeric Business to Help Indian Farmers

"If white women are going to consume turmeric, how do I make sure brown farmers make as much money off of it as possible?"


Onion Bhajis with Lime Pickle Recipe

Thinly slice your onions and toss them with a mix of flours, ginger, chile, and turmeric for a better version of onion rings.


Turkey Tikka Masala Recipe

Sure, leftover turkey is great in a sandwich, but it's even better in a curry.


Inside India's Regional Dessert Feud

Where's rasgulla actually from? Well, it's complicated.


Why the Chef Behind Asia's Best Restaurant Wants to Shut it Down

We spoke to Gaggan Anand about his upbringing in Kolkata, his brief career as a rock musician, and why he hates when chefs becomes "brands."


Preeti Mistry Is Shutting Down Her Restaurant, but She’s Not Going Anywhere

"It's going to kill me if I try to do it all," says Mistry, who just released 'The Juhu Beach Club Cookbook'. "I'd like to be superhuman, but I'm not."