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Mauritians Fear Fish Farms Will Cause Their Island to Be Surrounded by Sharks

But is it already too late?
Caroline Haskins

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Anti-Trump protestors rally ahead of Electoral College confirmation, evacuation of eastern Aleppo resumes, and more.
VICE Staff

How to Run a Restaurant in the Middle of the Indian Ocean

Situated on a tiny coral structure off the East Coast of Zanzibar, The Rock is an almost painfully postcard-perfect restaurant.
Jay Court
defense & security

China Is Angling for a Strategic Outpost on the Horn of Africa

China has been steadily extending its global presence. Now it's looking to establish an outpost in Djibouti, where the US headquarters its military forces in Africa.
Torie Rose DeGhett
crime & drugs

Pirates Could Make a Comeback as Illegal Fishing Returns to Somalia's Coast

Tensions between local fishermen and unregulated foreign vessels are at a boiling point, leading officials to fear that desperate Somalis will soon launch a second pirate war that will be much deadlier than the first.
Catrina Stewart
The VICE Guide to Right Now

MH370 May Have Landed, Not Crashed, on the Ocean

The state of the found flaperon could indicate the missing plane landed in one piece before sinking.
Wendy Syfret
asia & pacific

Wreckage Confirmed As Part of Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Malaysia’s Prime Minister said experts who convened in France to analyze the part — found on Reunion Island on July 29 — had determined it originated from the Boeing 777 that disappeared over a year ago.

Answers to the Malaysian Airline Mystery Still Lie on the Ocean Floor

Newly found wreckage, the first breakthrough in the search for MH370, might not be such a breakthrough after all.
Geraldine Cremin
asia & pacific

It Looks Like Wreckage From the Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Has Been Found

A US official says a photo of aircraft debris found on an island east of Madagascar appears to be from the plane that vanished last year.
United Kingdom

Diego Garcia: UK Delays Publication of Flight Records Which May Hold Truth About CIA Activities

A senior Bush administration official told VICE News in January that the agency did hold prisoners at a US base on the British Indian Ocean territory. But the UK continues to stall on releasing the logs.
Ben Bryant
war and conflict

France Expected to Send Its Largest Warship to the Gulf to Fight the Islamic State

The French Navy is preparing to send its flagship 'Charles de Gaulle' aircraft carrier on a new mission in the coming weeks.
Pierre Longeray

Then and Now: 10 Years After the Indian Ocean Tsunami

Countries hit by the deadly waves commemorate those that lost their lives and adopt early-warning systems that might help prevent future catastrophes.
Robert S. Eshelman