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Trump Is Screwing Over the People Who Got Him Elected

He sold himself as the champion of the downtrodden, but isn't doing anything to alleviate the economic misery he spoke about in 2016.
Harry Cheadle

Siblings Helped Cops Arrest Their Mom in a Crazy Camping Trip Murder Case

A 1988 murder looks like it's finally been solved after two kids said their mom made them cover her (and her boyfriend's) bloody tracks.
Francisco Alvarado

Sweet Baby Jesus Detained by US in Church’s Protest

Happy Fourth of July!
Allison Tierney

The Things I Can’t Ask My Mother

A story of love, addiction, gay marriage, and forgiveness.
Franki Elliot
House Party

The Left Will Take Over the Democratic Party, Just Give It Time

Progressives lost some high-profile races this week, but that doesn't mean they aren't having an impact.
Robert Wheel
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Drivers Went Nuts When This Truck Dropped Thousands in Cash on the Highway

Cops say even a school bus driver ran out to collect some of the loose cash.
Adam Forrest
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A Pet Raccoon Got High as Hell and Firefighters Had No Idea What to Do

Looks like 4/20 came early for the little stoner.
Drew Schwartz
Desus & Mero

People Are Apparently Getting High off Bug Spray Now

"KD" is evidently the hot new drug of the Midwest.
Sarah Bellman
House Party

The House Districts Where the Midterms Could Get Weird

Thanks to special elections and retiring Republicans, Democrats could pick up seats in unexpected places.
Robert Wheel

Is This Indiana Civil Rights Lawyer the Great Progressive Hope of 2018?

Dan Canon is suing Trump, calling out white supremacy, and running for Congress. But can he win?
Michael Powell
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A Bunch of Teens Snitched on Their Teacher for Doing Drugs in Class

She was arrested after one student filmed her snorting what she later admitted was cocaine.
Drew Schwartz
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Indiana Cops Actually Shot at a Guy Playing a Bank Robber in a Movie

The actor reportedly dropped his prop gun and screamed "it's a movie!" after cops fired at him.
Drew Schwartz