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'Indiana Jones' Has Aged Terribly

The world’s most famous fictional archaeologist's legacy feels as dusty as his antiquities.
James Charisma
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The FBI Has No Idea Why This Old Man Had 2,000 Stolen Native American Bones

The guy had an extensive collection of cultural artifacts from around the world. He also had... a bunch of human bones?
River Donaghey
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FBI Agent Shot by Killer Wheelchair at Indiana Jones-Style Booby-Trapped Home

Equipped with a deadly hot tub, spike strips, tripwires, animal snares, and a host of other DIY hazards.
Drew Schwartz

The Controversial Florida Retirement Homes for Famous Animals

Michael Jackson's pet chimpanzee Bubbles has landed in a glorious sanctuary, but activists worry about the fate of other animals in the entertainment biz.
Mitchell Sunderland
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Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric Releases Beautiful Song About Nazi Dick Getting Punched Upside the Head

"Richard Spencer" sounds like Randy Newman getting mad at Nazis.
Alex Robert Ross

Indiana Jones Meets 'Akira' in a Wordless Animated Short

Russian animator Vitaliy Shushko's first short film feels like a Disney movie with more transhumanism...and blood.
Beckett Mufson
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Unearthing Indiana Jones' Legacy on the Atari 2600

How one writer found a connection to the dusty past in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' on the 2600
Mitchell Weasel

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This morning, the GOP agrees to gun control votes after a 15-hour filibuster, Facebook is urged to give over information on Omar Mateen, Broadway stars will record a fundraising song for a Florida LGBT center, and more.
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There's a New Indiana Jones Movie Coming, Whether We Want It or Not

Harrison Ford will be back, so at least we won't have to suffer through Chris Pratt playing Indy or something.
VICE Staff

Harrison Ford RETURNS as Indiana Jones (in 2019)

Da-da-dada / da-da-daaaaa... Oh, and Steven Spielberg is directing, too.
Beckett Mufson

Meet the Most Prolific Stuntman of All Time

Vic Armstrong got his start in 1966 and went on to become Harrison Ford's regular stunt double and eventually coordinating stunt sequences for some of Hollywood's biggest films.
Oscar Rickett
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Uncharted’s Nathan Drake Is a Video Game Monster

Naughty Dog's wisecracking character is no hero—he's a harbinger of death and destruction who should probably be stopped.
Sean Cleaver