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The Untimely Demise of Beloved Indie Rock Label SideOneDummy

Noisey writer Dan Ozzi discusses the legacy and loss of SideOneDummy Records on today's episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast.'
VICE Staff
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5,566 Stickers Animate The Shins' Wild New Music Video

Directors LAMAR+NIK turn the band into a binder-worthy sticker collection for "Half a Million," off the band's new album 'Heartworms.'
Beckett Mufson

The Defiant Sound of Asian American Women in Indie Rock

Artists like Jay Som, Japanese Breakfast, and Mitski are at the forefront of indie rock, creating space for Asian American women.
Erica Euse

Mishka's Founder Is Righting His Streetwear-Wrongs with a New Label

Thirteen years after creating the cult brand known for its skater-punk weirdo vibes, Mikhail Bortnik has started a clothing line called Psychic Hearts, and it couldn't be more different.
Catherine Pears
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Talking Indie Rock, Time Travel, and Astrophysics with Author Mo Daviau

Her new book answers a question we’ve all asked ourselves: If you could go back in time and see any concert from the past, which would you choose?
Giaco Furino

Thirty Sentences I Only Said After I Turned 30

The things you think when you're not young or old or even middle-aged.
Mike Pearl
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Airdbird & Napolian's New Single Will Take You Back to Indie Dance's Golden Era

Get ready for a nostalgia trip back to the mid-2000s.
Alexander Iadarola
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We Talked to Vomitface About Keeping It Real, Playing Loud, and Hating Rich Kids

The Jersey City band is touring in support of their new EP and getting ready to record their first full-length with the legendary Steve Albini.
Charlie Ambler
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VICE Exclusive: Listen to a Track from Tigers Jaw's New Acoustic Album

Tigers Jaw has been steering American youth towards the righteous path of emo that germinated from 90s hardcore and college rock.
Charlie Ambler
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VICE Exclusive: Listen to Lady Bones's Angsty Boston Indie Rock

While the inspiring force behind the band's sound is obvious, the songs remain deeply introspective without being too self-serious.
Charlie Ambler
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VICE Exclusive: Watch Portland's And And And Fight Ghosts and Puke in a New Video

The band has visions of grotesque surgeries, Ghostbusters, interdimensional portals, and IFOs (identified flying objects).
Charlie Ambler
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VICE Exclusive: Nikola Tesla & Thee Coils Are My Favorite Russian Psychedelic Rock Band

There's a burgeoning psychedelic rock revival scene in Moscow right now, and these guys are at its forefront.
Charlie Ambler