Indie Wrestling


Matt Riddle is Indie Wrestling's Stoner King

After being kicked out of the UFC for smoking too much weed, Matt Riddle has reinvented himself as a wrestling prodigy known to his fans as the King of the Bros.
Jeff Harder

Where Does CM Punk Go From Here?

CM Punk has burned his bridges with not just WWE but much of pro wrestling, and was embarrassed in his UFC debut. Now a great champ faces an uncertain future.
Ian Williams

"I Mean, We Wrestle a Lot": Talking to Ring Of Honor's Joe Koff, Independent Wrestling's Independent

A conversation with Joe Koff, COO of the mega-indie wrestling circuit Ring Of Honor, about wrestling, business, the wrestling business, and the Kevin Owens Factor.
Ian Williams

Farewell to the Utterly Undeniable Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was an indie wrestling grinder who became a beloved WWE champion because of how uniquely talented he was. His career is over, but his legend is secure.
Ian Williams
Pro Wrestling

NXT, WWE, and the Battle Between Indie Spirit and Big Wrestling Business

NXT, WWE's flourishing developmental league, looks and feels like an indie wrestling fed, and has bought up a ton of indie stars. It hasn't made WWE less dull.
Ian Williams
extremely violent capitalism

​Why WWE Is Trying to Cut an Indie Wrestling Promotion Off at the Knees

WWE is the biggest name in pro wrestling, but not the only one. And now it appears to be gearing up for a fight with the scrappy indie promotion Ring of Honor.
Aaron Taube
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Why We Fight: a Night With the Indie Wrestlers of Superkick'd

At the Toronto indie-wrestling promotion Superkick'd, fans get the chance to see expert ultraviolence up close. The wrestlers get a different, more sustaining experience.
Alex Wong

It's Surreal to Me, or a Night of Indie Wrestling

The difference between the WWE wrestling shows held in big arenas and the indie ones held in the rock venues across the street is even more stark than you'd imagine.
Nate Patrin