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Only 8 People in This Indigenous Tribe Still Speak Their Native Language. The Amazon Fires May Wipe It Out Completely.

Indigenous leaders have said there is a “physical, environmental, and cultural genocide” in the Amazon.


These Photos Celebrate the Strength and Endurance of Indigenous Women

Liliana Merizalde's photographic series "Inner Disruptions" uses prosthetics to communicate the life experiences of Indigenous Colombians.


The Indigenous Rights Leader Fighting Back After Her Mother's Assassination

Honduran environmentalist and activist Berta Cáceres was killed in 2016. Her daughter Bertha Zúniga is picking up her mantle through her work for the indigenous Lenca community.


Native American Women Have Been Saying a Lot More Than #MeToo for Years

Four-in-five Native American women will experience domestic violence, and unjust laws prevent even more from getting justice.


Indigenous Women on the Ongoing Fight Against Colonialism and Capitalism

We spoke to Native organizers and activists about the legacy and future of the fight for indigenous rights in light of the Keystone pipeline spill.


Don't Ignore the Plight of Native American People this Thanksgiving

Your guide to respecting Native American heritage on Thanksgiving. What’s working, what’s not and what you can do about.


For Native Americans, Fall Can Be a Painful Reminder of the Past and Struggles of Today

Fall traditions like Columbus Day, headdress Halloween costumes, and sports mascots like the Redskins can bring out strong feelings, and harsh reminders.


'This Is My Land': The Indigenous Women Chiefs Protecting the Amazon

For decades, Brazil's Kayapo tribe has battled deforestation of their home. Now women are at the frontlines of the fight to save the rainforest.


How Indigenous Millennials Are Using Tech to Save Their Dying Languages

Decades of oppression and forced assimilation have led to the steep decline of Indigenous languages. Now tech-savvy young people are fighting to preserve their culture.


This Indigenous Activist Is Fighting Trump's Wall With YouTube

As a sovereign nation that straddles the U.S.-Mexico border, the Tohono O’odham face unique problems in the face of Trump’s extreme stance on immigration.


How a Mining Disaster Devastated an Indigenous Group in Brazil

The toxic spill that contaminated the Rio Doce continues to affect the Krenak people.


Inside the Fight Against a Massive Telescope Atop a Sacred Hawaiian Mountain

Indigenous groups argue that Mauna Kea is already overdeveloped.