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Indigenous Women on the Ongoing Fight Against Colonialism and Capitalism

We spoke to Native organizers and activists about the legacy and future of the fight for indigenous rights in light of the Keystone pipeline spill.


Indigenous Doulas Are Reclaiming Birthing Practices Colonization Tried to Erase

The ekw'í7tl Indigenous Doula Collective is working to restore age-old customs around pregnancy and childbirth—and reestablish a traditional reverence for women and families in the process.


We Investigate Canada's Epidemic of Missing Indigenous Women Tonight on VICELAND

VICE explores what's behind the disturbing rise of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada and what's being done to stop it on tonight's episode of 'WOMAN' on VICELAND.


Australia Continues to Fail Indigenous Women

As Australia celebrates International Women's Day, Indigenous women still face disproportionately higher rates of domestic violence, sexual violence, and incarceration.


A Recent Poll Confirmed That Canada Has a Huge Rape Problem

An incredible 17 percent of women surveyed—and 5 percent of men—said that they had been sexually assaulted or raped. That's a pretty big problem.