Games News

Unionization Was Center Stage at the 2019 Game Developers Conference

If last year was a whisper, this year was a shout.
Dante Douglas
The Dystopia and Utopia Issue

Basic Income Is Already Transforming Life and Work in a Postindustrial Canadian City

In Hamilton, Ontario, a basic income pilot is improving individual lives—but bureaucratic pitfalls and tepid goals can limit its potential.
Jordan Pearson
Restaurant Confessionals

As a Chef, I Wish Yelp Didn't Exist

A chef and restaurateur shares why reading online reviews is a maddening experience for many food industry professionals. Just remember, fine dining isn't a fucking community swimming pool.

The Plan to Extract Rare Earth Metals from Coal Mining Waste

The government and industry groups have given West Virginia University over $3 million to study whether it’s a feasible idea.
Kaleigh Rogers
sex work

What Happens When Sex Workers Put Women of Color First

We asked escort Amber Ashton about industry racism and the WOC-elevating the hashtag she started.
Allison Tierney
Noisey News

Noisey Presents the Emerge Music + Impact Conference

Head to Vegas this November for three days of music with Gerard Way, Beach Slang, Cuco, and more.
Noisey Staff

Jeepers, Look at This Insane Sulfur Fire

Basically, Ghost Rider started it.
Samantha Cole

'Contemporary Mexican Codex,' Today's Comic by Urbano Ortega Matta

By mixing modern and ancient traditions, this comic gives us a taste of Mayan and Mexican culture.
Urbano Ortega Matta
Smart Cities

How an Old Industrial Ship Yard Created 7,000 New Jobs

Brooklyn Navy Yard President and CEO David Ehrenberg tells Motherboard how his non-profit reclaimed an industrial workspace and updated it for the 21st century.
Samantha Cole

This Record Label Is Literally Creating Its Own Universe

We talk to IHC 1NFINITY founder Franki Chan about its surreal cinematic vision and the crazy year leading to the video premiere of Mark Redito's "So Many Things to Tell You."
Andrea Domanick
get a grip

This Robotic Octopus Tentacle Is Not Creepy At All, Nope

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
Samantha Cole
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Weed Is Officially a Billion-Dollar Industry in Colorado

The state sold $1.3 billion in recreational and medical marijuana in 2016, though experts think the boom will eventually level off.
Brian Moylan