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Thailand confirms first microcephaly cases linked to Zika

The U.S. issued new advice for pregnant women traveling to Southeast Asia, now the region has reported cases of the birth defect connected to the Zika virus.


Leading Antibiotic Doomsayer Mellows on Infection Armageddon

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Guinea Ramps Up Fight Against Ebola as Outbreak Continues to Burn

As the ground zero for the Ebola outbreak burning through West Africa, Guinea has been fighting the virus for more than a year, but a recent spike in transmissions has pushed the government into action.


Inside the US Army's Ebola Lab in Liberia

At Tappita Ebola Treatment Unit the goal is to get a confirmation that a patient has Ebola in two hours, rather than two days.


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Freelance journalist Ashoka Mukpo contracted Ebola while working in Liberia. Here, he writes about his experience — and about the experiences of those who weren't as lucky.