Innocence of Muslims


Tunisian Appeals Court Hands Down Harsher Sentences to 2012 US Embassy Attackers

The US had criticized an earlier verdict for its leniency towards those involved in protests over the US-made film Innocence of Muslims.
Melodie Bouchaud
Motherboard Blog

"Dreams from My Real Father" Is Kind of a Tin-Foil Hat "Innocence of Barack Obama"

In recent weeks, conservative operatives have been audience-testing a new Obama documentary that purports to the the _real_ truth about the president's background. ""Dreams From My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception"":http://www...
Adam Estes

Here Is What We Believe to Be a Near-Final 2011 Draft of the Screenplay for 'Innocence of Muslims'

The 2011 draft of the script in our possession is significantly altered from the 2009 version published by Gawker earlier today. It is also five pages longer, with a vastly different—and in our opinion much more incendiary—ending.or the past several...
Jimmy Israel

Salafists in Sidon: Not as Bad as You Think

In Sidon, a coastal Lebanese city south of Beirut, a crowd of several hundred people gathered on Thursday night to protest "Innocence of Muslims"--the film created by right-wing zealots and a soft-core porn director that has sparked violent protests...
Jeff Neumann

Teenagers and Salafists Storm the American Embassy in Tunisia

The first Tunisian Revolution was carried out by the educated middle class, who fought to end corruption and petty authoritarianism. After Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia, the Salafists ("Islamists") were let out of jail and took advantage of the power...
Alex McQuillan

Who Is Alan Roberts, the Director of 'Innocence of Muslims'? We Think His Real Name Is Robert Brownell

Early yesterday morning VICE was anonymously furnished with documents that link a California resident named Robert Brownell (aka Robert Brown)—to the pre-production of 'Innocence of Muslims.'
Rocco Castoro