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Barely Out of High School, LA's Pinky Pinky Is the Sound of Paranoid Youth

Don't miss Hanni El Khatib's spitfire proteges at Noisey's Emerge Impact + Music fest in Las Vegas on April 8.


Pinky Pinky's "Robber" Will Steal Your Heart, Then Throw It in the Trash

Listen to the new track from the vicious trio's forthcoming EP, and don't miss them tear it up at Girlschool fest in LA this weekend.


This Buttertones Video is Like 'Westworld' with Cannibals and More Whiskey

Lust, desperation, and occult rituals go down in the video premiere of "Gravediggin'."


LA's Korey Dane Is Basically Stoner Skater Bruce Spingsteen

Kick off your shoes and move to the triumphant "Lovesick in a Hotel Wildfire," off of Dane's forthcoming 'Chamber Girls' LP.


Pinky Pinky's "Ram Jam" Is Your New Summer Jam

Two members may still be in high school, but the rising LA trio already has a co-sign from Hanni El Khatib. Listen to their debut track now.


The Savage Times of Hanni El Khatib's American Dream

The LA garage rocker opens up about his visceral new project documenting the chaos of 2016, and what it means to be an American when you're born brown.


Holy Fuck Are Finally Out of the Woods

The Canadian experimental group returns with 'Congrats,' their first new album in six years.


Nosaj Thing Is Dropping His First EP in a Decade This Week

The five-track 'No Reality' includes a cut written entirely on an iPad.


Wall of Death Is All Love in Their New Track "For a Lover"

Stream the lead single from the band's new record 'Loveland,' due March 4 on Innovative Leisure.


Nosaj Thing Ends The Suspense With The Release Of His Sophomore Album Home

Looking back on some of the great tracks and performances that led to this sound.