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Just Enjoy These Three New Kaytranada Beats

The Montreal producer uploaded them last night. They're not linked to anything. They're just really nice beats.
Alex Robert Ross
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Download Clams Casino's First Instrumental Tape Since 2013

'Instrumentals 4' features two new tracks, and follows his debut album '32 Levels,' released last year.
Alexander Iadarola
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Surprise! Novelist Dropped an EP Full of Beautiful, Freaky Instrumentals

'Be Blessed' marks another new chapter for the Lewisham producer/MC
Noisey Staff
New music

Metro Boomin's New Adult Swim Single "Forever Young" Cements His Powerful Production Vision

Has anyone given this guy a soundtrack gig yet?
Phil Witmer
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Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry' Isn't Out, But Whatever: Here Are 20 Tracks That Played in His Livestream

If you're thirsty as hell, listen to these before they get removed.
Noisey Staff
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Behold: An Unreleased Kanye West Beat Tape Has Surfaced

Let this be a burning emblem of passion, desire, and hard-work for today's young producers.
Noisey Staff

Stream Quelle Chris and Bilal Salaam's Stunning, Psychedelic "I'm the Bridge You Must Burn"

It's the bonus track on Chris's new instrumental album 'Lullabies for the Broken Brain.'
Craig Jenkins

[Exclusive] This Will Destroy You's New Music Video Speaks Another Language

Learn how to speak without speaking in Calvin Sprague's new music video for the Texas post-rockers' "Mother Opiate."
Emerson Rosenthal

[Premiere] Float Through Alien Islands in This Patch of Sky's New Animated Music Video

Animator Sergio Pastore crafts an extraterrestrial—but intrinsically human—music video for the instrumental post-rock band's "Time Destroys Everything, But Our Foundation Remains."
Emerson Rosenthal