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The Tulsa cop who killed Terence Crutcher has been charged with manslaughter, protesters took to the streets in Charlotte, South Korea is reportedly ready to assassinate Kim Jon-un if threatened, and more.
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Tomorrow's Terrorist

Drawn from real world examples, an imagining of some of the tools a terrorist or insurgent of the future might use.
Peter Singer

Is Colombia's 50-Year-Old Marxist Guerrilla Insurgency Finally Ending?

Peace is the word of the day in Colombia as the government closes in on a deal with FARC rebels, but what will the new order look like for the rural underclass?
Steven Cohen

ISIS Insurgents Have Almost Surrounded Baghdad

In early January, as ISIS convoys moved in, its fighters reportedly declared Fallujah an Islamic emirate, and hoisted their black flags over police stations and the main government buildings. Soon, the radical cleric Abdullah al-Janabi was back on the...
Memlik Pasha

Why the Hell Are the Olympics Being Held in Sochi, Anyway?

It seems crazy to host the Winter Olympics in a subtropical beach town nestled in a historically war-torn region that's still plagued by an insurgency. But Vladimir Putin has his reasons.
Ryan Faith

'Magic Wand' Bomb Detector Creator Found Guilty of Fraud

The bomb detector that 56-year-old British millionaire James McCormick peddled sounded too good to be true. It could sense C4 at a range of 600 yards. And it could be programmed to root out other contraband, too. The pistol-sized device’s simple metal...
VICE Staff