The far-right AfD’s call for “Islam-free schools” is reminding Germans of Nazi propaganda

“If you don't see fascism, you just don't want to see it.”


The UK Needs More Than English Lessons to Help Refugees Integrate

Last week's major government report on social integration focused on Muslims, but there are factors keeping asylum seekers separate from the average Brit too.


Judge Orders Mississippi School District to Desegregate, Ending Decades-Long Fight

A federal court has found that the Cleveland School District has failed to integrate its schools in the 62 years since Brown v Board of Education ruled that racial segregation is unconstitutional.


VICE Sports Q&A: Sarah Burns, Co-Director of the New "Jackie Robinson" Documentary

The new PBS Jackie Robinson documentary premieres on Monday night. We spoke to one of the directors, Sarah Burns, about the film and about being the daughter of legendary documentarian Ken Burns.


Meet the Germans Taking Refugee Integration Into Their Own Hands — With Respect and Candy

VICE News visited Giessen, one of the registration towns for 10,000s of newly arrived migrants, and met the volunteers who are helping them learn about "German values."


What Ayahuasca Taught Me About Taking Care of My Health

A case for psychosomatic medicine.


A Piece of Negro League History Is Decaying in New Jersey

Paterson's Hinchliffe Stadium lies in ruin, waiting for funding for a restoration.


60 Years After Brown vs. Board of Ed, US Schools Are Still Pretty Damn Segregated

Separation, inequality and school segregation are alive and well in the United States.


Are Liberal Policies Failing Black People?

Tanner Colby, author of Some of My Best Friends Are Black, a book about the failure of racial integration, thinks that while Republicans are awful on race, many liberal policies haven't particularly helped African Americans.