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Why a Canadian Composer’s Controversial 80s Work is Still Ahead of Today's Copyright Laws

Before Girl Talk and the major label lawsuits, John Oswald's plunderphonic records proved sampling's possibilities.
Michael Rancic
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Kraftwerk Lose Two-Decade Long Copyright Case in German Court

Sabrina Setlur​'s 1997 single "Nur Mir​" contains the contested sample of Kraftwerk's "Metal on Metal."
Alexander Iadarola
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​The THUMP Guide to Music Copyright

We consulted with entertainment lawyers in the US and Canada about the ins and outs of intellectual property so you don't have to.
Gigen Mammoser
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Orwell's Orwellian Estate Is Allegedly Trying to Stop People from Using the Number '1984'

It's just like the book! Sort of!
Joe Goodman

A Movie Company Spent Big on Both Sides of Australian Politics

Village Roadshow donated more than $500,000 to both political parties in the hope someone will help them stop you stealing TV shows.
Denham Sadler

Who Owns The Monkey Selfie? A Lawyer Weighs In

In 2011, a crested black macaque grabbed photographer David Slater's camera and snapped a #selfie. Slater wants copyright ownership of the picture, but should he get it?
Jonathan Smith at VICE

King Missile's John S. Hall Is a Sensitive Artist (Who Works at a Law Firm)

John S. Hall’s Twitter bio says that he “Had a band for a while—King Missile.” That band created the briefly popular song, "Detachable Penis," which made Hall briefly popular. But those days are over, and Hall now spends his days working as an...
Megan Koester