The CIA Will Use its New Dark Web Site to Collect Anonymous Tips

The intelligence agency is stoked about its new Onion site on the dark web: "Our onion site is one of several ways individuals can contact the CIA."


Republicans Are Trying to Pull America Out of Another Global Treaty

Experts say depriving Air Force funding for four-engine OC-135 surveillance planes is part of a GOP effort to force the US to withdraw from Open Skies, a 1992 arms-verification treaty.


People Think Teens Who Curse a Lot Are Dumber

They also rated them on trustworthiness, sociability, politeness, and likability.


Employers Don't Like to Hire Intelligent Women

A new study found that high-achieving women were less likely to get called back for a job interview than high-achieving men—as well as only moderately-achieving women.


Octopuses’ Crazy DNA Can Tell Us Some Valuable Stuff About Biology Overall

"They’re ‘the road not traveled’ to intelligence."


New CIA Director Gina Haspel Oversaw Torture at a Black Site Then Lost Evidence of It

As "chief of base" of a CIA Black Site in Thailand, Haspel oversaw the torture and waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah, who still hasn't been charged with a crime.


Most People Want a Partner Who's Smart, But Not Too Smart

There's an optimal level of intelligence when it comes to attraction.


The GOP is freaking out about a classified surveillance memo

WikiLeaks is offering up to $1 million for anyone who leaks the FISA memo.


The biggest allegations in the new House Intel committee's Fusion GPS Transcript

Money laundering, Russian gangsters and the infamous "pee tape" were all covered


Russia might be running anti-fracking ads too, congressman says

Republican Rep. Lamar Smith is asking Facebook, Twitter, and Alphabet to turn over Russian ads that relate to anti-fracking and anti-fossil fuel campaigns.


Narcissists Are Sick, Stressed, and Insecure

They put up a self-satisfied front that shatters every time something goes wrong.