Interactive fiction


A Game That's Brutally Honest About Sexism in Tech

Elizabeth Sampat's '8 Vignettes from the Tech Industry' is a very real meditation from a woman working in games and tech.


Devour Your Way Through the Surreal Fairytale of ‘Eat Me’

An adventure game where the solution is to consume the world.


Experience the Horror and Absurdity of Writing for Video Games

‘The Writer Will Do Something’ is required reading for anyone interested in how the sausage gets made.


Interactive Fiction's Favorite Setting Is the Dungeon of the Mind

How the genre's earliest influences and limitations created a tradition of metaphorical imprisonment.


A Love Letter to Your Favorite Fake PS1 Game

Sophia Park and Penelope Evans’ ‘Arc Symphony’ is a faithful recreation of the most earnest RPG-loving community you ever made fanfic for.


Watch Danielle and Joel Get Creeped Out in 'Stories Untold'

This 'Stranger Things' looking narrative game has spooky tales for days.


Live Through A Surreal Love Story in ‘uncomfortably’

‘uncomfortably’ is every weird first date.


Have a Chat With Dying Gods in ‘Forgotten’

Mythology is more fun when it leaves tiny gaps for the imagination to fill.


Witness the Ending of Alien Civilization in '500 Apocalypses'

"Our world," says entry 216, "is haunted by a billion stories." This game has 500, each about the death of an alien world.


'Hello Chatbot, Can We Play a Game?'

Chatbots are getting a little better at delivering story and character in games.


How the Tech Behind 'Pokemon Go' Has Been Powering Games for Decades

Locative media has been here since the 90s, but we're only just beginning to see it's full potential now.


Vesp: A History of Sapphic Scaphism

Presenting Terraform's first original piece of interactive fiction, an atmospheric head-trip that must be played rather than read.