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Walk, Run, and Fly Through Vincent Morisset's New Interactive Film

Today, 'Way to Go' goes live online following the Oculus Rift-enabled film's world premiere at Sundance.


Interact with the Virtual Worlds of Teengirl Fantasy's New EP

4REAL, the digital agency composed of Slava and Analisa Teachworth, have created four virtual reality experiences to accompany Teengirl Fantasy's new EP.


Play The Interactive Music Video Game For QVALIA's "Sound The Alarm"

We talked with QVALIA's Michael Hazani about learning to code so he could make a playable soundscape, as well as how he transitioned from EDM toplining to creating his own immersive projects


Pilot A Lost Drone Through An Abandoned Abstract Cityscape

Created by John Cale and Liam Young, "City of Drones" allows players to pilot virtual crafts through an infinite geometric environment.


Interactive SXSW Installation Uses Kinect To Beam Users Into CGI Worlds

'StreamMeUp" allowed users to explore alien worlds using some next-gen tech.


Try Your Hand At Styling TELFAR's F/W 2013 Fashion Show

The utilitarian designer’s crowdsourcing his upcoming fashion show with an interactive video game and simultaneous exhibition IRL.