Interactive maps


Here's an Interactive Map That Shows How Climate Change Will Affect Your Town in 60 Years

If we do nothing to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the weather in New York City will feel like Alabama and Los Angeles will be as hot as the tip of the Baja Peninsula.


Explore A Van Gogh-Styled Google Map

This interactive visualization uses textures taken from actual van Gogh paintings to imagine a more artful globe.


Take a Virtual Tour of the Legendary Abbey Road Recording Studios

Enter the place where The Beatles recorded some of their most famous songs with an new interactive Street View-style project from Google.


3,200 Historic Maps Of Battles And Cities Were Placed On Top Of Google Earth

The British Library has georeferenced a large collection of 19th century maps, creating meta-maps that juxtapose the past and present.


Finally, An Online Game Inside Google Street View

'The Day Google Street View Stood Still' now gives us an excuse to get lost in the interactive maps for hours.


Interactive Map Offers A Tour Around The Globe Via Drone-Recorded Videos

TravelByDrone may as well have been called "Around The World In 80 Drones."


Interactive Map Shows What Emojis People Are Using Across The Globe In Real Time

"Silicon Feelings" depicts that people in California are using a lot of fire emojis.


Digital Maps Inspired By Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures" Cover

Love will tear us apart, but these maps will bring a lot of data together.