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If You're Not Earning Two Percent Interest on Your Savings, You're Doing It Wrong

Rising rates are good news for savers. Here are 11 banks offering high savings rates even if you have hardly any money to save in the first place.
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How Not to Use a Credit Card

How much you charge and how vigilant you are about paying your bill can affect everything from whether a landlord will rent to you to how much interest you’ll owe in the future.
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The Big Bank You're Using Is Probably Ripping You Off

Switching to an alternative is easier than you think.
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The Fed hasn't called the cops on the U.S. economic party

The stock market hit another record high on Wednesday.
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Your phone bill is a big reason why U.S. inflation is low — for now

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The euro is beating up on the dollar right now

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The Fed just raised interest rates — and Trump's plan for the economy could suffer

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It’s beginning to look a lot like right before the Great Recession

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Should You Worry About the Federal Reserve's Interest Rate Hike?

When Fed Chair Janet Yellen announced that interest rates would inch upward for the first time in nearly a decade, it sent ripples through the financial world. But the news probably won't change your day-to-day life.
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Why the US Shouldn’t Panic About China’s Stock Market Collapse

Global investors have overreacted to China's massive stock market plunge, economists told VICE News. The US in particular does not need to be too worried, they claimed.
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Here's What You Should Do if You're Buried Under Private Student-Loan Debt

According to an expert who calls himself "The Get Out of Debt Guy," sometimes the best option is declaring bankruptcy or defaulting on them.
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There's No Saving Russia's Imploding Economy from the World's Hurt Feelings

A massive interest rate hike designed to bolster the plunging ruble won't change the way the world feels about post-Ukraine Russia.
Samuel Greene