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I’m Not Saying Minimalism Is Homophobic, But

Yes, minimalist interior design is probably super beneficial for your mental health, but what of my tchotchkes! My knickknacks! My things!


How to Make Any Home Feel Like a Palace (No Matter How Much Money You Have)

An offshore bank account is not a prerequisite for living with a little opulence.


100 Street Artists Painted a Paris Dorm and the Results Were Mind-Blowing

Street art collective Bitume—and 100 other artists—came together to revamp a college dormitory.


3 Shops with Everything a Wannabe Eccentric Millionaire Cat Lady Needs

A hole-in-the-wall with thousands of Mexican imports, an Indian fabric store to upholster your life in, and John Derian, because of course John Derian.


You'll Never Have to Water These Houseplants Again

Joyce Lin’s ‘Flat Houseplants’ designs beg the question: plants or props?


Illustrations of Private Art Collections Are a Colorful Window Into the Past

The beauty is in the collecting for Brian Rideout and his new body of work titled 'American Collection Paintings'.


Lift Your Spirits with a Levitating Cloud Lamp

This levitating cloud light is equal parts dreamy and technologically advanced.


Frank Gehry’s Swimming Koi Lamps are Reflective of His Artistic Arc

Gehry’s new-and-improved ‘Fish Lamps’ swim about the Gagosian Gallery in Rome.


Kanye West Probably Won't Be Designing Your Next IKEA Couch

IKEA may have created a Yeezy bed prototype, but you won't be struggling to build it anytime soon.


Tiny Chairs Are a Design Nerd’s Perfect 'Jenga'

How many can you stack?


Taco Bell's New Locations Will Have Fireplaces and Midcentury Furniture

There are outdoor fireplaces. There’s Etsy-esque geometric rainbow wall art, and reclaimed wood, or maybe wood that hopes to look reclaimed but is actually artificially distressed like 1998 Abercrombie & Fitch jeans. There are funky hanging lamps...


These Painstakingly Hand-Marbled Wooden Designs Swirl with Color

Pernille Snedker Hansen uses an ancient technique to create coiling, colorful amoeba-like designs.