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Tackling Your Taxes Early Isn't Just a Good Idea—It Saves Money Too

So taxes aren’t your idea of fun. That’s still no reason to put off filing—which will save you money and minimize tax-time terror.


The IRS Vastly Underestimated How Many Tax Forms Hackers Accessed

An additional 390,000 taxpayers were affected.


IRS Officials Blame Russian Cyber Criminals for Massive Data Theft From Tax Return Website

The agency believes an organized crime syndicate hacked into its website to make $50 million in fraudulent tax return claims.


How Japan May Have Convinced the IRS to Punish American 'Eco-Terrorists'

When Sea Shepherd learned the IRS was investigating it due to a tip from "confidential sources," the anti-whaling group set out to discover whether the Japanese government was responsible.


Do We Need a Global Tax on Wealth?

Last year, a best-selling book made the case for heavily taxing the world's richest people. Last month, a 26-year-old MIT grad student used the same data to come to different conclusions.


Here's Some Perspective on How Your Tax Dollars Will Be Spent

Strip away all the partisan tax-time bickering, and the truth is that the US government is mostly just a heavily armed racket based on the business of taxing Peter to pay Paul.


Scientology, 'Going Clear,' and the Church's Long War With the IRS

After decades of fighting — and some dirty tricks — the Church of Scientology received tax-exempt status from the IRS in 1993. More than 20 years later, the decision remains controversial.


Atheists and Religious Conservatives Battle Over the Right to Preach Politics in Church

An atheist group sued the IRS over its failure to police churches guilty of politicking. They settled, but the religious right is not happy.


Singer-Composer Alex Ebert Hopes to Change the World, Starting with the IRS

He won a Golden Globe and sings in a popular folk band. But what he really wants to do is change the way tax spending is allocated.


How to Work Hard and Not Pay Taxes

A recent study revealed that about $2 trillion of unreported earnings is passing through the United States' underground economy. From gardeners to mechanics to dog walkers and construction workers, more and more Americans are working for cash and...