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Trump is Ruining Our Health on a Global Scale Now

Presidents in both parties have historically regarded global health initiatives as a way to ensure security and fulfill a moral imperative to help others in need. That's all going to hell now.
Vishal Khetpal

Keeping Doctors Trapped in the US Is Bad for Everyone

Altruistic doctors, even those who are American citizens, are afraid to leave the country for fear they won’t be allowed back in.
Alexandra Ossola

Liberia Closes Local Red Cross Amid Graft Investigation Into Ebola Funds

After President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf dissolved the chapter's national board earlier this week, senior managers convened for a meeting. Then the police arrived.
Kayla Ruble

US Aid to Afghanistan Has Largely Been Wasted and Stolen, Report Says

Intended to improve government and grow businesses, the 110 billion in aid became a crutch that sustained kleptocrats and stifled entrepreneurship, the report says.
Opinion and Analysis

Why the Private Sector Is Going 'Neomedieval' On International Crises

From fighting forest fires to clearing land mines to rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean, the private sector often addresses international security issues better than governments can.
Doug Brooks

​Five Nights in Nepal: A Backpacker’s Story of Survival

I shot up in bed to the sound of a roaring crack along with the most intense vibrating I've ever felt in my life. It was getting stronger and stronger. I didn't know what was happening.
Casey Fernandez-Irwin
Opinion and Analysis

America Tests Out a New Whining Offensive In Asia

After the UK announced its plans to join a China-led rival to the World Bank, the White House publicly lashed out at its closest ally and its 'constant accommodation of China.'
Alaa al-Ameri
middle east

Jordan Has Started Deporting Medical Workers and Wounded Syrian Refugees

After taking in more than 600,000 refugees, Jordan appears to be tiring of its role and is now expelling Syrians.
Samuel Oakford