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Riot Gear for Ugandan Police Ahead of Elections That May Challenge President's 30-Year-Rule

The country is ramping up security efforts as 71-year-old incumbent Yoweri Museveni seeks a fifth term as the East African country's president.
VICE News and Reuters

Chadian Forces Launch 'Major Sweep Operation' Against Boko Haram on Lake Chad

In response to Boko Haram's recent incursions into Chad, the country's government has dispatched 1,000 troops as part of a plan to occupy all of Lake Chad's islands.
Pierre-Louis Caron

Burkina Faso on The Brink of Political Crisis Ahead of Presidential Election

Less than a year ago, Burkina Faso's president of 27 years was forced to resign, a transitional government has been in charge, and now presidential elections may be delayed
Pierre-Louis Caron
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Report: US-Funded Afghan Local Police Destabilizing Country, Empowering Militias

The International Crisis Group’s latest report about the Afghan Local Police program says in many cases it has empowered local militias who are not accountable to the Afghan government.
Ben Anderson

Burundi’s Government Threatens to Unleash Army on Opposition Protesters

Demonstrators have been protesting president Pierre Nkurunziza's anticipated bid for re-election, which will defy the two-term limit imposed by the country’s constitution.
Melodie Bouchaud
Sri Lanka

Hardline Buddhist Violence Flares Against Muslims in Sri Lanka

Ethnic riots against Sri Lanka's minority Muslims, incited by the nationalist Buddhist Power Force group, killed three people on Sunday.
Samuel Oakford

Afghanistan's Opium Economy Is Doing Better Than Ever

Afghanistan's opium production is set to break records this year — a booming illicit economy in a country with few opportunities.
Alice Speri

It’s Spring in Afghanistan, Time for Taliban Fighting Season

The snow is melting, the opium poppy harvest is over, and the Taliban are out for their huge annual offensive, killing 21 people on day one.
Alice Speri

Foreigners in Afghanistan On Edge, Once Again, After Another Journalist Is Killed

AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus was killed in Afghanistan on Friday, a day before the election.
Alice Speri