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Meet the Team Investigating Human Rights Violations with Forensic Architecture

Eyal Weizman uses floor plans, cell phone footage, and road maps to reconstruct what happened in devastated war zones.
VICE Staff

The US Says Asteroid Mining Is Legal for Americans. What About Everyone Else?

A new US law says American companies can keep resources they obtain in space, but some argue it contravenes international space law.
Victoria Turk

We Spoke to the Lawyer Advising Australians Who Want to Illegally Fight the Islamic State

Fighting in Syria and Iraq is illegal, even if you join the Kurds against the Islamic State. Adelaide lawyer and war veteran Ralph Bleechmore offers advice to those who want to go anyway.
Edward Richards

The Dutch Are Extraditing a Russian Hacker to the US After Two Years of Debate

Apparently internet law is first-come, first-extradition.
Ben Richmond

A Task Force of Military Types Just Called Out Obama's Endless Drone Wars

On Thursday, a panel made up of former military and intelligence officials released the most thorough examination yet of America's fondness for the remote-controlled flying death machines commonly known as drones.
Matt Taylor
The Hate Boat

100 Days Of Successful Asylum Seeker Policy—Kind Of

Hasn’t it just flown by? Well unless you’re in detention that is.
Mitch Parker
Motherboard Blog

Why the US Gave an Athlete Visa to a Professional Video Gamer

Sounds like the application process was more difficult than playing golf.
Ben Richmond