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Inside China's Biggest Live-Streaming Superstar Factory

China doesn't need Twitch to make its live-streaming take off.
Jamie Fullerton
internet celebrity

I Met the McDonald’s Goddess and She Acts Like an Actual Doll

The 22-year-old Internet celebrity rose to international fame when a photo of her working at a McDonalds in Taipei went viral. I found her through her Facebook page (where she calls herself Little Dolphin) and met up with her in Taipei.
Clarissa Wei

What It's Like to Become a Famous Stock Image Without Being Able to Stop It

After signing a waiver without realizing the implications, tattooed model Baz Black has found himself becoming famous in the weirdest way possible.
Norma Costello

The Newest Hobby for Sexist Bros Is Shooting Food at Models' Butts

Pizza, gummy bears, hot dogs, doughnuts: Shad has shot all of them out of his air-powered cannon at the perky butts of various young women. And he is very, very proud of that fact.
Alex Swerdloff

This "McDonald's Goddess" Is the Latest Icon of Taiwan's Sexual Fast Food Culture

In Greek mythology, goddesses were hatched out of seashells or sprung, spontaneously, from Zeus’s head. Today, at least in Taiwan, they may ascend from behind the counter at a burger-slinging fast-food emporium.
Alex Swerdloff

Are Vloggers Ripping Off Their Young Fans for Meet-and-Greets?

As the cult of YouTube celebrity grows, fan interactions have been rapidly monetized. The question is, is $80 a fair price to pay for a selfie and a hug?
Amelia Tait

We Caught Up with the Guy Who Has Survived on Pizza Alone for the Last 25 Years

A few months ago, we ran a story about a guy who has managed to survive on pizza alone for the past 25 years. It's confounding that he's not dead. We checked back in with him in the aftermath of his internet fame to see how life has changed for him.
Helen Hollyman

Kai, the Hatchet-Wielding Hobo Wanted for Murder, Says He Was Drugged and Raped

It's a truly bizarre and tragic twist to the "home-free" tale of everyone's favorite hatchet-wielding hobo, who it's been said harbors a bit of a violent streak.
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

Kai, the Internet's Favorite Hatchet-Wielding Hobo, Is Wanted for Murder

But he says he was drugged and raped. What the fuck?
Brian Anderson