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Sea Level Rise Will Flood Key Internet Infrastructure Within 15 Years

NYC, Miami, and Seattle are among the metropolitan regions most vulnerable to internet infrastructure damage due to climate change.


If Countries’ Web Domains Were Land Masses, Earth Would Look Like This

This is how big countries would look if they were mapped according to the number of country code domain names registered.


Are You a Jerk If You Vacation in Cuba?

Radio Motherboard talks to a human rights expert about the internet, free speech, and the ongoing complex political situation in Cuba.


Cuba's Black Market Is a Website That Exists Primarily Offline

How do you navigate to a website when you don't have the internet?


An American Startup Is Letting Cubans Share Internet Connections for Free

Cubans use 'Connectify' to sidestep the government's tightly-controlled wifi networks.


What It Looks Like to Use the Internet for the First Time

"I've heard of the internet, but don't know what it's for."


22 Towns in Massachusetts Are Building Their Own Gigabit Fiber Network

"For too long we’ve been making do with satellite, DSL or wireless internet. Fiber will render these as obsolete as a dial-up connection."


Gigabit Internet Connections Make Property Values Rise

And if you're not getting it, your town is getting screwed.


32 Cities Want to Challenge Big Telecom, Build Their Own Gigabit Networks

Cities in at least seven states hope to challenge laws restricting community-owned broadband.


Over Half the World's Population Still Can't Connect to the Internet

We're expected to pass the 50 percent mark sometime in 2017.


Facebook Will Use Drones and Lasers to Give the Internet to Everyone

Facebook needs more people to sell Facebook to.