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Music Industry Sues Major ISP In Bid to Kick Pirates Offline Permanently

If the music industry has its way, accused pirates could be kicked off the internet permanently based on what’s often flimsy evidence of guilt.
Karl Bode
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America’s Internet Freedom Rating Dropped Due to the Repeal of Net Neutrality

Freedom House, a US think tank, analyzes internet freedom around the world every year, and this year’s report saw a drop in the US’s rating.
Kaleigh Rogers
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Washington State Is Now the Only Place in America with Net Neutrality

The state law only went into effect once the federal rules were officially repealed on Monday.
Kaleigh Rogers
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Microsoft and Amazon Enable Censorship Circumvention Tools in Iran. Why Doesn’t Google?

Google blocks a tool called Google App Engine in Iran, indirectly allowing the Iranian government to block apps that piggyback on it to skirt online censorship.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Jason Koebler

In the Wake of the FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal, California Eyes Its Own Net Neutrality Law

But these efforts face a steep uphill climb.
Karl Bode
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Germany Blocks its Largest Telecom Company From Violating Net Neutrality

Regulators are protecting net neutrality after Telekom—which owns T-Mobile—began prioritizing content.
Motherboard Staff
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The FCC Just Killed Net Neutrality—Now What?

For net neutrality advocates, the next phase in this fight has only just begun.
Kaleigh Rogers

Iran's New Internet Minister Isn’t Delivering on Internet Freedom Promises

The Rouhani administration seemed to be expanding internet access, but the threat of censorship remains strong.
Mo Hosseini
Mahsa Alimardani
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Pirate Bay Founder Is Offering Anonymous Hosting to Fight Government Censorship

Peter Sunde is giving Catalan independence activists free, anonymous hosting and domain names to avoid Spanish government censorship.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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Dead People Are Posting Anti-Net Neutrality Comments to the FCC Website

“Friends of recently-deceased individuals…confirmed their friends could not have posted the comments posthumously.”
Daniel Oberhaus
The Hermit Kingdom

Here’s What Making Cell Phone Calls in North Korea Sounds Like

An American academic has recreated “a taste” of North Korean cell phone service, “without the trip to Pyongyang.”
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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Ron Deibert’s Lab Is the 'Robin Hood' of Cybersecurity

How one man built a unique lab whose mission is to document how the free internet is slipping into surveillance and censorship.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai