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Trump's NAFTA Renegotiations Could Put Canadians' Personal Data At Risk

Canada and the US will soon start working towards a new deal.
Jacob Dubé
Rise Up

Artists Offer Tools of Resistance From Companies Collecting Personal Data

A trippy workshop in Brooklyn challenged people to keep their personal information private from data mongering companies.
Aaron Barksdale
internet privacy

Yesterday on the Internet: Turns out Trump supporters care about internet privacy

On Wednesday, House Republicans voted to block Obama-era rules about information privacy for internet service providers. Now, the future of online privacy is in the very capable hands of one President Donald J. Trump.
Michael Kalenderian

How to protect your online history now that Republicans want to let internet providers sell it

Noah Kulwin
internet privacy

The GOP bill to let broadband companies sell your data will likely pass

Noah Kulwin

Brazilian Watchdogs Say New Bill to Pursue Cyberbullies Is Really a Way to Silence Critics

Concern over abuse of power has been heightened by Brazil's current political chaos, which has exposed a cornucopia of unethical, and often allegedly criminal, conduct by political leaders across the spectrum.
Gabriel Marchi

Should UK Citizens Be Scared of Their New Internet Surveillance Bill?

Web companies could be made to store their users' internet browsing history for a year.
Nicole Kobie

You Might Be Jeering at the Victims of the Ashley Madison Hack, but Watch Out: You're Next

The way the internet is going, it won't be long until all your personal information and sexual quirks are out there for the world to see.
Martin Robbins

The Canadian Government Is Asking ISPs to Stop Sending Warning Letters for Illegal Downloading

The letters sometimes contain misinformation and threaten legal action that will probably never occur.
Christopher Malmo

Canada’s New Cyberbullying Bill Will Give It Unnecessary Surveillance Superpowers

A new bill will allow any “public officer” or “peace officer” the freedom to request personal data from telecom companies.
Patrick McGuire
Motherboard Blog

Hiding Data with Temporal Cloaking Might Thwart Surveillance

But will this technology ever make it into the hands internet users?
DJ Pangburn