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A Computer Afflicted With 6 Infamous Viruses Has Passed $1 Million at Auction

The art project can be yours for a mere seven figures.
Rob Dozier
4 days ago

I Played Google’s New Game to Teach Kids How to Be Safe Online

In Interland, little devils try to hack you.
Lisa Cumming

Hackers Steal Forum Accounts From 'Clash of Clans' Creator Supercell

The data supposedly contains 1.1 million accounts in all.
Joseph Cox

Apple Patches OS X Vulnerabilities After Cyberattack on Human Rights Dissident

Apple just issued a patch for yet another vulnerability discovered as part of the cyberattack on a UAE human rights dissident.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Hacked Toymaker VTech Admits Breach Actually Hit 6.3 Million Children

The company finally reveals the total number of victims of a recent, massive, data breach.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

UN Members Are Having Closed-Door Meetings on Global Internet Policy This Week

Some internet freedom advocates are concerned governments will use next month's review to push control of the internet into their hands.
Kari Paul

Thank Goodness Google Is Finally Killing the CAPTCHA

Google says it can tell you're human without making you type out some squiggly text.
Jason Koebler

Your Password Is Not Secure, and It's Not Your Fault

I consulted internet security expert Nik Cubrilovic and XKCD's Randall Munroe about how they would fix the problems in the world of passwords. Their ideas are simple, compelling, and almost impossible to implement.
Mike Pearl

The 'Hacking' Involved in Stealing Celebrity Nude Photos Isn't Even Impressive

I talked to former hacker and leading internet security blogger Nik Cubrilovic about the process of stealing celebrity nudes, and to hear him tell it, the hacking skills required are pretty remedial.
Mike Pearl

An Excerpt from Jailed Journalist Barrett Brown's New Book

Barrett Brown is an activist-journalist awaiting federal trial in the US. In this excerpt from his latest book, <i>Keep Rootin' for Putin</i>, Brown tackles former Director of the Office of the National Drug Control Policy William Bennett's assertion...
Barrett Brown
The VICE Guide to Making 2014 Better Than 2013

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Online Life More Private in 2014

If 2013 was the year of the whistle-blower waking the world up to vast state surveillance, then 2014 should be the year of encryption and privacy. Here are a few ways to avoid being spied on, aside from throwing your computer off a building.
DJ Pangburn

Jacob Appelbaum Doesn't Have Much Hope for the Future of Privacy

Jacob Appelbaum has been called the "most dangerous man in cyberspace." But he's not, and it's a label that pisses him off. In reality, Appelbaum is a renowned cybersecurity expert who happens to be one of the developers for the Tor Project and a...
John Lubbock