We Asked an Expert How Long You Can Safely Hold in a Fart

Turns out you can uh… breathe out a fart if you hold it in for too long.
Mack Lamoureux
The yes man

I Tried a Colonic to Perfect My Poop Routine

The Yes Man, on a quest to attain poo-phoria.
Grant Stoddard
Asking for a friend

How Bad Is it to Eat Really Fast?

Easy, killer. The burger isn't going anywhere.
Jordan Rosenfeld
holy shit that's a lot of shit

Constipated Man Has 28 Pounds of Feces Surgically Removed

Doctors said he looked 9 months pregnant.
Amber Brenza

Cow Uterus Sandwiches: The Next Big Thing in Copenhagen?

Dishes at Restaurant Bror include fried bull’s penis, fish’s heads, and breaded testicles. The latest kitchen experiment on Instagram? Cow’s uterus.
Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Jumping Rope with Cat Intestines Is Part of Learning, Says High School

The intestinal fun time was all part of a lesson plan, the school district says, but PETA is not amused.
Helen Donahue
Modern Medicine

Parasites by Post: The Online Black Market for Therapeutic Worms

Some swear by Helminthic therapy, infesting themselves with parasitic worms to treat autoimmune and inflammatory conditions—except the treatment is far from doctor approved.
Daniel Viola
American South

The American South Is Still Eating White Dirt

Geophagy, the technical term for deliberately eating earth, soil, or clay, sounds like a terrible idea. Yet in many parts of the world, this is not considered strange or rare, but a culinary past time.
Emelyn Rude

Recreating a Home for Gut Parasites Is Really Hard

Single-cell organisms like Giardia attach to the small intestines to take nutrients, but how they do so is still something of a mystery.
Katherine Ellen Foley

A Proper Maasai Wedding Starts with a Cup of Fresh Cow's Blood

On the morning of my friend's wedding in Nairobi, I watched as Maasai tribesmen wrestled a steer to the ground and slit its throat. It would become the centerpiece of the wedding feast, but not before we drank its blood.
Aaron Kase
The Stardust & Moonbeams Issue


Emissions Trading.
Shintaro Kago